Win more business and increase profit margins

Optimise your shadow payroll function with Certino

A flexible white-label solution

Certino is a next-generation online platform that simplifies the tax management of globally mobile workforces through intelligent automation of shadow payroll and rebilling processes.

Featuring an intuitive self-service application, comprehensive reporting and end-customer recharging capabilities, Certino centralises your shadow payroll service making it fast, accurate and profitable.

Purpose-built for accountancy vendors

Fast, accurate calculations

Comprehensive reporting

100% self-service

Competitive price-point

Calculate tax liabilities in a fraction of the time

Proprietary tax engines calculate tax liabilities in near real-time. Near-instant results and automated processes reduces the number of handovers and lost time.

Supports over 85 host countries

Client-by-client configurability

Easy, self-service client management

Comprehensive reporting for full visibility

Certino features a comprehensive range of reporting tools as standard, with support for custom outputs. Purpose-built tools make it easy to stay on top of pass-through costs for accurate end-customer recharging.

Customer-friendly output formats

End-customer recharging dashboard

Support for custom reports

Integrates seamlessly with your existing processes

Certino’s API-first platform can be integrated with your existing tools, optimising your operations without disrupting key processes. Full automation of data transformation and handoffs avoids human-error, enhancing the value of the service you provide to your customers.

Out-of-the-box support for key platforms

RESTful API platform for bespoke integrations

Integrate with third-party and in-house tools

Dedicated account support

Expert Account Managers provide hands-on implementation support, ensuring the Certino service meets your requirements from day one. Ongoing support ensures your processes remain optimised, so you always deliver the best service possible to your customers.

Bespoke implementation and roll-out strategies

Experienced, knowledgeable account managers

Quarterly account reviews

Calculate tax liabilities in a fraction of the time


Comprehensive reporting for full visibility


Integrates seamlessly with your existing processes


Dedicated account support


How does it work?

We work with you to conduct a comprehensive analysis of your tax positions and data requirements, building a data exchange model between your systems and the Certino platform. We’ll also help you to configure integrations that automate data handoffs where possible.

Once up and running, everything is managed through the Certino web application. Our intuitive platform is fast, accessible and incredibly simple to use. You can use it to set up and manage customers, customise their tax positions and outputs and process your customer data on-demand.