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How to minimise your international employee tax payments through effective shadow payroll delivery

22 Jun 2018

Employment tax is a major expense for any business involved with international employee assignments. Although it’s a rule of thumb that one-third of total assignment costs is paid in tax, very few organisations actually know exactly what that figure is on their shadow payroll.

Do you know how much tax you’re paying – and whether it’s the right amount? What are you doing to minimise your tax liability?

There are no magic formulas or shortcuts here…unless you calculate your tax in advance of paying it, you’re unlikely to know how much you’re paying, whether it’s an appropriate amount, or how it compares with similar organisations and their shadow payroll.

Until you use Certino, that is. Our comprehensive employment tax management system can reduce your tax costs by as much as 20% in just one year, simply by giving you visibility of what you’re paying and helping you manage tax effectively.

By considering and calculating all your relevant variables, and comparing them against different countries and contexts, our system estimates the optimal amount of tax you should be paying for each different, respective level of income. This results in an accurate guide for all your international employee affairs and also helps you plan better for future requirements.

As well as giving you the confidence that you’re not paying more than you need to in shadow payroll, Certino also helps you take advantage of any favourable tax incentives in countries keen to attract expats and temporary visitors to join their local workforce. Opportunities that you would otherwise miss out on.

This local insight and informed knowledge makes all the difference to your international tax affairs, maximising your tax efficiency and ensuring you pay the right amount, every time.

We’re here to discuss your international tax challenges on the shadow payroll, and help you solve them, so please do get in touch.

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